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Date: 19 August 2018
Traded Companies No. of Transactions Max price Closing Price Trades shares Amount
Agriculture Development Bank Limited 67 450.00 441.00 9273.00 4113210.00
Alpine Development Bank Limited 1 249.00 249.00 44.00 10956.00
Api Power Company Ltd. 45 455.00 412.00 4129.00 1786663.00
Arun Finance Limited 1 154.00 154.00 40.00 6160.00
Arun Valley Hydropower Development Co. Ltd. 30 226.00 222.00 6406.00 1423555.00
Asian Life Insurance Co. Limited 130 1313.00 1300.00 17526.00 22660543.00
Bank of Kathmandu Lumbini Ltd. 71 418.00 409.00 13746.00 5679666.00
Barun Hydropower Co. Ltd. 10 223.00 220.00 350.00 77510.00
Bhargav Bikash Bank Ltd. 11 230.00 224.00 1302.00 292168.00
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About Us

NIC ASIA Capital Limited is a 100% subsidiary of NIC ASIA Bank Limited. NIC ASIA Capital was incorporated under the Companies Act 2007 of Nepal and is licensed by the Securities Board of Nepal to undertake Merchant Banking activities which includes services like Issue Management and Underwriting, Registrar to Share, Depositary Participant and Portfolio Management. 

NIC ASIA Bank Limited, our parent company, is a "A" Class financial institution licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank. NIC ASIA Bank is one of the largest private sector commercial banks in the country in terms of capital base, balance-sheet size and number of branches, ATM network and customer base. The Bank has more than 220 branches across Nepal with a network covering all major financial centers of the country. The Bank has also added a Microfinance Company, "NIC ASIA Microfinance" in its echosystem. The Bank strongly believes in meritocracy, transparency, professionalism, team spirit and service excellence. These core values are internalized by all functions within the Bank and its subsidiaries that include NIC Asia Capital Limited.

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Our Services

Portfolio Management

Our Investment Portfolio Management Services is one of the industry's leading investment solutions that are capable of addressing almost all kind of investment requirements of our clients.

Depositary Participant

NIC AISA Capital Limited received the registration certificate to function as a Depositary Participant (DP) of Central Securities Depository from Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON)

Registrar to Share

We offer a complete Registrar to Share (RTS) and Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA) services where we maintain the shareholder records of our corporate clients and deals with all matters connected with the transfer and redemption of its securities.

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