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NIC ASIA Growth Fund-2


NIC ASIA Growth Fund – 2 is a closed-ended fund with a tenure of 7 years and an initial AUM of NPR 1 billion, launching from 4th Mangsir, 2080, to 7th Mangsir, 2080. This fund aims to generate long-term capital growth from an actively managed portfolio primarily comprising equity-related securities, with investments in fixed deposits to mitigate risk per unit of return.
Our strategic approach targets industries poised for substantial growth, enabling the fund to secure favorable returns and provide dividends to our esteemed investors. By skillfully acquiring undervalued securities, we strive to enhance the overall value for our unitholders.


Why Invest in NIC ASIA Growth Fund – 2?

  • Expert Management
    • FMQR of AMC3+ signifying capable fund managers diligently monitoring risk and investments. Previous funds have also performed exceptionally well in all market conditions.
  • Diversification
    • Diversify investments across sectors to mitigate losses and reduce overall portfolio risk.

  • Tax Benefits
    • Mutual funds are tax exempt vehicles for investments.
  • Convenience
    • Invest in NICGF 2 easily through Mero-Share and liquidate it as conveniently as selling stocks.
  • Dividend Income
    • Earn extra income through dividends when NICGF - 2 provides them.
  • Potential to generate superior returns.
    • NICGF-2 is projected to outpace real equity risk premium along with inflation in the long run, leveraging compounding to amplify return potential with the investment tenure.

Key Features

  • AUM Size of 1 Billion
  • Tenure of 7 years
  • Annual returns of 24.04%
  • FMQR AMC 3+
  • Tax Exempt
  • Transparent Reporting
  • High Liquidity


  • ASBA Member  Banks & Financial Institution
  • NIC ASIA Mobile Banking

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